MWT Mono PERC Flexible Module

  • Light,Thin design
  • Full Black
  • Ultra Flexible
  • High Efficiency And Reliability
  • Convenient Installation
  • Lead-free

Electrical Characteristics at Standard Test Conditions(STC)

Max Power(Pm)W200205
Power ToleranceW0~+5
Max-Power Voltage(Vm)V19.820
Max-Power Current(Im)A10.1110.25
Open-Circuit Voltage(Voc)V23.924.1
Short-Circuit Current(Isc)A10.6510.81
Effective Module Efficiency%17.517.9

Temperature Coefficient

Nominal Module Operating Temperature43±2℃
Temperature coefficient of Pmax=-0.36%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Voc=-0.28%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Isc0.06%/℃

Mechanical CHaracteristics

Installation Module Dimension(L*W*H)1270mm*900mm*2.5mm
Back materialBack Sheet(balck)
Junction box(protection degree)IP68
Cable(length/cross-section area)Customizable/4mm²
ConnectorMC4 Compatible




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